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new release, 2015


A Donkey Walks into a Bar
by Tami L. Morrissey
ISBN: 978-097544092-6

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I always hoped someone was watching over me.
I was right, but she wasn’t an angel.
Was my guide really a stalker —
or could she show me the path to love?

A Donkey Walks into a Bar is a whodunit about Chelsea Keys, a young, pretty, small-town cop who has always put a lid on her turbulent emotions. Strong, determined, resourceful, she thought she knew who she was and where she was headed. Until a horrific crime gave her a wakeup call she couldn’t ignore.

Chelsea’s guide knows everything that happened that one shocking day and what led up to it. Will Chelsea be able to unearth those secrets and solve the mystery.


by ob
4 stars - March 29, 2015
I enjoyed this book tremendously, well written and suspenseful. You will not be disappointed, can't wait for this author's next book.

by Book Buddy
4 stars - March 13, 2015
VERY good book. Very thought provoking and made you wonder until the end what truly did happen to the main character Chelsea. A great storyline.

by Catherine
5 stars - March 12, 2015
What a great story and such an easy read.

by Melissa
5 stars - January 30, 2015
This author is the one to watch! I'll be checking often to see what she has new. A very captivating story! Highly reccommend!

by Jacqueline Coons
5 stars - January 29, 2015
This author is pure genius! I can't wait to see what else she has in store in the next one.

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